FMC Cost & Quantities Oy is specialized in quantity- and cost information management independent from the construction clients, contractors and designers.

Our Mission

To promote our clients competitiveness by providing economical construction calculations and analysis for which the clients can base their decisions and actions on. To provide our services clearly, quickly and very reliably to free the customer to concentrate on designing, pricing and decicion making.

Our Foundation

Independence, inpartiality and fluent personal communication with absolute reliability guides our operations.

Our Goal

We want to provide the most economical construction management services to our clients with the best service experience. Our goal is to be the most respected and desired partner in construction project management as well as the market leader in Finland.

Serving the construction industry

We have developed and excecuted cost and quantity management services for over 20 years.


We started quantity measurement services in March 1993 as a part of Tocoman Oy group. Our first customers were NHK Rakennus, K.E. Nyman, Haka, Puolimatka and Kummila.

In 1995 our services were seperated into an individual company called Tocoman Laskentapalvelut Oy.

We have aimed to provide the best services and the best service experience to our customers from the very beginning.

To ensure the highest level of quality to our customers we applied to and were awarded the ISO 9001-standard quality management system in 1996. It was, and still is, the only one granted to a quantity and cost management consulting firm working in the Finnish construction industry.

Late 90s

In the nineties the quantity measuring developed into its current form. Contractors began to see benefits in outsourcing quantity measuring and started using our calculation services.

A requirement for the cost of quantity measuring to be divided between several bid organizations led to the development of centralized procedures for calculation. The customer-specific costs went down significantly.

Important projects worked on by us in the late nineties were the KÄMP-quarter, Tennispalatsi and the Koff-quarter and the shopping center of Jumbo.

Meanwhile innovative construction clients saw the need for specialized expertise in budgeting and cost management. Cost management became a necessity in order to ensure the profitability of construction projects.

21st century

In 2001 our name changed to Tocoman Finland Oy.

The detailed information of cost and quantity management increased in construction projects as the computers and programs developed in the 21st century.

There has been a shift from measurement to control. Cost and quantity management is no longer a singular task to base designs and budgets on, instead it is information control over the entire construction project.

Our measurement projects from the 2000s include the new roastery for Paulig, gate and terminal buildings in the Vuosaari harbour and the head offices for the Aviation Administration and the Local Government Pensions Institution KEVA

From 2009 our operations continued under the name Tocoman Services Oy.


Over the years the size of the company has settled to around 25 people and we operate in Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Oulu.

We have worked as an construction cost experts in many construction dispute cases for over 20 years. During the years our statements have been the supporting factor in tens of cases in different courts.

In 2011 we were granted a yearly audited RALA-sertificate.

Now, since January 10th 2014 we are a part of FMC Group under the name of FMC Laskentapalvelut Oy.

We are the leading company offering cost management services in Finland. The trust from the customer base acquired over the 20 year journey has made the profitable growth of the operation possible.