We are specialized construction cost management. We help you to achieve the financial goals in the excecution process of renovations. 

To owners and property managers

Cost and measurement services that control the cost of renovation in all its stages from designing to execution. Renovation quantity measurements such as pipes renewal, facade, roofing and construction and renewal of elevators.

  • Cost estimates comparing projects
  • Additional and modification work comparison calculations
  • Quantity information control and distribution
  • The cost effects and analysis of alternative solutions
In the project development phase
  • Drafting a realistic project budget
  • Comparing alternative solutions
  • Financing calculations
In the designing phase
  • Managing the extent of the project
  • Evaluating the cost effects and guidance in planning
In the bidding phase
  • Quantity measurement and analysis
  • Creating bills of quantities for tendering
  • Comparing cost estimates
  • Contract price comparison
In the production phase
  • Managing additional and modification work
  • Delivering the quantity information straight to production
  • Apartment specific pricing for household deduction
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