Construction disputes is an expert dispute settlement service. We help solving disputes and preventing new ones.

Experienced and impartial

Service experts with over 20 years of experience bring an impartial point of view and answers to questions that require thorough knowledge of the construction industry.


An outside impartial expert can bring new points of view to resolve difficult disputes.Disputes are aimed to solve as objectively as possible without putting too much stress on business relations.

Significant references

We have been appointed as an construction economical experts in many of the most significant construction dispute cases. Our statements have been the supporting factor in tens of cases in different courts.

Single contact is enough

Our consultants handle their cases as a whole service. Our specialities are:

  • Additional and modification work comparison calculations
  • Cost estimates prepared by an expert
  • Cost impacts from timetable transitions
  • Total cost estimate comparison

For more information:

Timo Isoranta
Tel. 040 721 7296