With our quantity management service you’ll have the foundation to be succesful in the pricing and in the implementation phase of your construction project. Your pricing is made easier and it’s basis more assured which improves your competitiveness.

Experienced and flexible

We are your instrument with the experience from thousands of previous projects. You’ll be able to manage large projects quickly without having to tie your own resources into calculation process. Quantity management frees you and your organization to focus on your own expertise.


Our quantity control produces the most accurate Talo-80-standard calculations. You can use the itemized quantity information in the bid and production phases. The information can be divided in blocks, steps, layers or even property-specific.

Precise planning in the bidding phase assures competitiveness and reduces the risks. Precise quantity information helps you to acquire the right acquisitions at the right time.You can get the quantity lists in the data form that suits your programs the best.


The cost of quantity control is divided between the contractors who have ordered the service. That way the service is very cost efficient and saves an significant amount of fixed costs

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