Cost management is our expert service that covers your entire construction process. With this service you can ensure the financial success of your construction project.

Personal consultant

A personal consultant is a key resource. With this you guarantee the realisation of the project budget, find alternative solutions and guide the designers. The speed of service and information control improve your competitiveness during budgeting and designing.


Cost management is based on the detailed cost analysis the source information. Our cost information is up to date and independent which guarantees the right information to base your decicions on.The results are transparent and include a comprehensive view of the project.

A significant feature of our service is being able to gain data from business information modelling (BIM). By using business information modelling you have the possibilities of alternative possibilities under control and can be sure of the overall cost.


Accurate recourcing and organizing the work of our independent and impartial experts guarantees that our clients always get the right service at the right time.

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